Building Blocks

Building Blocks are small, runnable pieces of code that demonstrate a single statement, function, method, or idea.
They must be well-commented.

For requests and suggestions regarding the Building Blocks, please use the discussion link to the left.
Include [BB] at the beginning of the subject to flag the discussion as related to the building blocks.

As an example see The Run BASIC Building Blocks


How to add a Page for a Keyword

There should already be a page available for any keyword, so you usually do not need to create a new one, just edit the existing one.

How to add a missing Page

Click on the New Page link under Actions in the navigation pane to the left.

Building Blocks keyword pages must use the BuildingBlocksTemplate page template,
to do so, select BuildingBlocksTemplate from the Use a Template drop down list.

Example code must not rely on external files.
It is permitted to include the FILEDIALOG command, so users can search for files on their disk.

As an example see the CLS command and methods or the INT function

Page Naming Convention

Format: BB___{Keyword}
The page name format is: BB followed by three underscores and finally the keyword.
Case insensitive keywords are used all uppercase, case sensitive keywords must match their case used in JB.

Adding a Page to a category

This is done by tagging the page.

For instance, the MAINWIN command has the following tags:


Category added

M of the alphabetical order

Command of the type order

Mainwin of the purpose order

Tags used for the Building Blocks are starting with bb_, find all available tags below.

  1. basic
  2. bb_a
  3. bb_array
  4. bb_b
  5. bb_bmpbutton
  6. bb_boolean
  7. bb_button
  8. bb_c
  9. bb_category
  10. bb_checkbox
  11. bb_combobox
  12. bb_command
  13. bb_d
  14. bb_data
  15. bb_date_time
  16. bb_decision_structures
  17. bb_default_dialog
  18. bb_default_variable
  19. bb_device_handling
  20. bb_e
  21. bb_error_handling
  22. bb_f
  23. bb_file_append
  24. bb_file_binary
  25. bb_file_general
  26. bb_file_handling
  27. bb_file_input
  28. bb_file_output
  29. bb_file_random
  30. bb_flow_control
  31. bb_function
  32. bb_g
  33. bb_graphicbox
  34. bb_graphics
  35. bb_groupbox
  36. bb_gui
  37. bb_h
  38. bb_i
  39. bb_j
  40. bb_k
  41. bb_l
  42. bb_listbox
  43. bb_looping
  44. bb_m
  45. bb_main_category
  46. bb_mainwin
  47. bb_mathematics
  48. bb_media_handling
  49. bb_method
  50. bb_n
  51. bb_o
  52. bb_operator
  53. bb_p
  54. bb_printing
  55. bb_procedures
  56. bb_r
  57. bb_radiobutton
  58. bb_relational
  59. bb_s
  60. bb_special
  61. bb_sprites
  62. bb_statictext
  63. bb_string_handling
  64. bb_t
  65. bb_textbox
  66. bb_texteditor
  67. bb_u
  68. bb_v
  69. bb_w
  70. bb_window
  71. bb_window_dialog
  72. bb_window_general
  73. bb_window_graphics
  74. bb_window_text
  75. bb_window_window
  76. bb_x
  77. computer
  78. freeform
  79. just
  80. language
  81. nerdy
  82. programming
  83. simple
  84. technical