Version 1.0 a mod 1

March 26, 2011 - JackBurman JackBurman
  • This is a modification of the original Freeform-J version which ships with JB.
  • This version adds a grid to the editor window and updates the inspect control window.
  • The inspect control window is modernized and moved to the right at initial opening.
    • Branch labels affected:
      • [dontDrawMenus]
      • [inspectControl]

Version 1.0 c mod 5

October 26, 2006 - UncleBen UncleBen
  • Minor bug-fixes in the functions bank section

Version 1.0 c mod 4

September 6, 2006 - StPendl StPendl
  • Added check for empty color string in [acceptColorType] to avoid problem with
    window drawing routine

Version 1.0 c mod 3

August 5, 2006 - UncleBen UncleBen
  • Added a menu option to add functions and subs from a collection in
    ..\FFFunctions\ to the end of the output code (only with outline)

Version 1.0 c mod 2

July 28, 2006 - UncleBen UncleBen
  • Rewrote OutputCode+Outline part:
    • Subs are now supported.
    • Don't center windows of type dialog (?)
    • Controls without extensions now supported.
    • Warnings are added if a command is sent to a control without extension
      and if menu subs and control subs have a name-clash (different parameters)
  • Add/Edit menu items modified:
    • PROMPT to get item name. Branch name suggested in a following way: [onMenuItem]
      instead of ??? [???]
    • subs as menu handlers
  • Added two lines to the ini-file: previous directories for file-dialogs
  • Fixed bug with window type combo-boxes.
  • Delete menu now deletes appropriate menu items
  • Menu item separators supported.

Version 1.0 c

July 28, 2006 - UncleBen UncleBen
  • Added a menu option to retrieve window layout from bas source code
    After the source is parsed, a temporary file is created and loaded
    using modified [openFile] branch.
  • Note: this code is not perfect. Limitations are:
    • can't read windows/controls with variable parameters
    • does not search for color and font information
    • full path for bmp-buttons is required (will abort if not provided)
    • code does not check the control handle extensions to find the
      next available number for auto-generated extensions (might be added)
  • modified [removeMenuData] gosub: replaced loops with REDIM.
  • modified [openFile] and [saveFile], to store the file path for FILEDIALOG

Version 1.0 b

October 31, 2004 - JohnDavidson JohnDavidson
  • Reworked the Properties dialog
    Made the text-boxes bigger to prevent user "lockout"
    Added control fonts and Font Selector
    Added Control Color field for controls that will allow.
  • Added right-click pop-up menus for controls and windows.
    This gives you access to dialogs and some new features.
  • Added a file-dialog for finding Just BASIC.
    Allows you to install and run Freeform-J in any folder.
  • Added Preferences to the Options menu
    Allows you to specify and save default Freeform J parameters.
  • Added extensions to graphic-box output code.
  • Added a 'save as' routine
  • Added Copy Control
  • Added "Show All Controls" Dialog
    This also allows user to change the order in which the controls
    are positioned, and tabbed to, in the GUI.
  • FreeForm-J now automatically adds the Edit menu when the first text-editor is added.
    FF=J will remove this menu when all text-editors have been deleted from a form.
  • Fixed a bug that was not producing a wait in menu item branches.