Instant IF functions
by the model it exists in FoxPro and VB
iif(test, valYes, valNo)
Because JB has different string type, it accompanied with
function iif$(test, valYes$, valNo$)

It seems to be very useful as it allows include yes/no logic in the expressions.

    print iif(2>3, 10,20)       'Numeric result. Check fails - Prints 20
    print iif$(2<3, "10","20")  'String results. Check holds - Prints 10
'some more examples
    x = rnd(1)-0.5
    y = sqr(iif(x>0,x,0))       'in the expression we restrict argument to be >=0
    print x, y
    print "X is ";iif$(x>=0, "positive","negative")
function iif(test, valYes, valNo)
    iif =  valNo
    if test then iif =  valYes
end function
function iif$(test, valYes$, valNo$)
    iif$ =  valNo$
    if test then iif$ =  valYes$
end function