Installing Just BASIC on Vista/Win7/Win8/Win10

Installing Just BASIC v1.01 and below

Vista/Win7/Win8 and Win10 protect the Program Files directory so it can be difficult to write files and programs there. On these OS the .bas programs and data should be written elsewhere. Follow these recommendations for trouble free installation.

  1. Install Just BASIC to a root folder like C:\Basic\Just BASIC 1.01
    instead of the default recommendation C:\Program Files\Just BASIC 1.01
  2. Install WinHelp32 to make the help file work

  • Direct Download Links:

Users of 64-bit Windows need to install the x64 edition, whereas users of 32-bit Windows need the x86 edition of the help file viewer.

The download page includes the genuine Windows verification, so it is best to access the site with Internet Explorer.

If you have problems installing the WinHelp32 application or are using Win10+ you must download the original .chm version of the help file. Download and place the .chm file in the root directory folder you chose to install Just BASIC to. Right click on the .chm file and ensure that your browser has not blocked the file. In the General Tab there may be reference to the file being blocked, simply click on unblock and the file is ready for use. Right click on the file again and drag to the desktop and select Create Shortcut. Now you have desktop access to the help file.

  • Help File Link:
I found I needed this file for Windows 8.1 64 bit. (Added by Jack Burman)

Data Execution Prevention

If on your first run Just BASIC fails with "a non-continuable protection violation has occurred. Check ERROR.LOG file." you need to check your DEP settings.

The Windows default setting for DEP is "on for essential Windows programs and services only".
If your system has a more restrictive setting for DEP, your PC will be of limited use for older programs that are not DEP-aware.
DEP might be on in a corporate environment, where computer systems staff don't wish the PC altered in any way.
In a home environment it is not required.

It is recommended you turn DEP on for essential Windows programs and services only, adding Just BASIC to the exception list is not sufficient.

To open the Windows help, which describes how to achieve this, use one of the following procedures:
  1. click on Start and then Help and Support
  2. hit [Windows]+[F1]
  3. hit [Ctrl]+[ESC]+[F1], if there is no [Windows] key available

When the help window opens enter DEP or data execution into the search box and click on the magnifying glass search button.
There will be an option that says "Change Data Execution Prevention settings".
Click on that and follow the instructions.