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1. Test

- Dodic Dodic Feb 17, 2006 - A simple test of my dot and stars i made and uploaded to the database

Maby could be used as bullets
dot.gifIt looks preatty well
dot.gifi think it really does

or maby as title of somesort :

or i`m sure it can be used for something..

A small test of the stars :
This version of my "program" features : (just example)
star1.gif=YES star_2.gif=NO star_5.gif=Not yet , Building star_4.gif=A feature that has been decided to exclude in further versions

star1.gifImage Loading
star1.gifLine Drawing
star_2.gifImage Saving
star_2.gifImage Printing

2. Test

SandBox test

By - cundo cundo May 21, 2009



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The CHM Helpfile and Tutorial provided here are just temporary available, till the official release is available.

Testing editor...
Another line
More text.



  • The READ command "READs" string or numerical data one item at a time from items listed in a DATA statement.


  • The data which is READ is assigned to a variable that the programmer provides.
  • The variable type must match the data type which is being READ. Numbers can be
  • assigned to string variable types. When the READ command is issued, it will read
  • as many data items as there are variables to fill. Subsequent READ statements will
  • begin reading data from the point where the last READ statement ended. In other words,
  • if the DATA statements total 10 elements or items, and the first READ command reads
  • the first 4 items, the next READ statement encountered will start reading the data
  • at item number 5.

  • To "reset" the data and begin reading the data from the first item once again,
  • the RESTORE command is issued. See BB___RESTORE.

Title goes here

The editor seems to work from my phone, amazing.